Proverb – Romania

“Ce-I altau e pus deopartea”

“What is yours is put on the side”

Sable first introduced this proverb by telling me that it was responsible for getting her through several difficult times in her life.  She explained that one of her Romanian friends told her this proverb last summer to comfort her as she was dealing with schoolwork, family issues, and an unpleasant breakup with her first boyfriend.  While she recognized that the proverb is vague enough that it can be interpreted in numerous different ways, she and her friend chose to interpret it as words of reassurance and optimism for the future.  According to Sable’s explanations, the proverb means that what is meant for oneself in the future is already reserved and waiting for them.  She elaborates by saying that the proverb could refer to future loves—“The man for me is put on the side; he’s there, I just have to find him”—or even to future successes—“If I’m meant to be a dentist, then that’s already put on the side and meant for me.”

Hearing this proverb, I was inspired by Sable’s views about it.  Besides creating a deeper bond between Sable and her comforting friend, the proverb influenced Sable’s individual beliefs and now it is one of her favorite life mottos.  Though she only heard it recently, the proverb certainly had a great deal of influence on her attitude towards life and continues to shape her identity and personal outlook on life.  An even greater benefit, Sable said, is that the proverb is spoken in Romanian, further linking her to her Romanian culture and heritage.  This proverb proves that even a simple eight-word phrase can carry tremendous weight and forever change the way one lives life, gains strength, and forms his or her identity.