Story: This story is about my great grandpa’s best friend Quincho. Quincho had curly black hair and green eyes and was alive during the Mexican Revolution. One day, Quincho was falsely accused of a crime and the punishment was execution. The place of his execution would be a cemetery. Knowing that his best friend has been falsely accused of a crime goes to the government office to get a repeal for the execution.  He did get that repeal and rode on his horse to get to the cemetery as fast as possible. He was right outside the cemetery before he heard the gunshot and he knew he was too late. When my great-grandpa got to the body, Quincho looked at peace, but another thing that he noticed was river rocks in Quincho’s hair. At his funeral, those exact rocks were seen to be falling from the ceiling. So, whenever these rocks appear we say, “Oh that’s Quincho.”

Informant’s View: When I was first told this story as a little boy, I did not believe it. That was until one day out of nowhere there were rocks in my hair. The exact same as the ones in the story.