Quiroga, Mexico–Sangre Preciosa festival

Main Piece:

The participant is marked as EC. I am marked as LJ.

LJ: Are their any traditions in your some town?

EC: So, in this place called quiroa its not a pueblo or a rancho…its an articsal town it ahs the be st cranita. in early uly leate jlaty called preciosas sancgres…usualy it hanign tin the curhch the main church  but during the cvcrimanoy they take it down.

they contract musicains osme pay for few. for the weekend they just have the musicians and this huge tower of fire works. And people will put them in these cones or figure ines. all of this is done as a thank you to God for having sacrifices himself. For having given his Preciosa Sangre–his precious blood.


The participant and I were having a general conversation when this came up. This was recorded then.

The participant is part of the Multicultural Greek community and has first hand knowledge about how to use these terms.


The participant is a student at the University of Southern California. They were raised in a Mexican/Catholic household.