Raman Grewal

Main Piece: “He who cannot handle the thorns cannot have the rose”- Raman Grewal

Background information: For the informat, he learned this from his parents who learned it from their parents. His parents learned this saying from their parents when they immigrated from Iran into the United States. When the informats parents were struggling to make a living and felt overwhelmed, their parents back in Iran told them this proverb that is common in the Persian community, especially upon immigrating to the United States and other countries. The basic premise behind the proveb is that something so beautiful will always have rough edges, and that  you can not have a good thing if you can’t handle the negative aspects of what come with it. This can apply to people but also also relationships as well. For the informat, he now lives by this and realizes that hardships are always unevitable when you are trying to achieve something you want.

Context of Performance: Outside of a gas station in San Diego

Thoughts: I think that this proverb is interesting because it is important for people in situations of people immigrating to another country, like the informants family. This means that people from other cultures realize that the “American Dream” might be very hard to achieve and might not be easy. Especially with the debate of immigrants and if they should be let into America and other countries, this proverb can be applicable in many different cultures because it demonstrates the reality of achieveing an appealing dream.