Ritual – Mexico

“At traditional Mexican funerals it customary for a mariachi or banda, to come and  play at the end of the burial. A popular song that they play is Cancion Michoteca. What the song talks about is yearning for your homeland and always carrying it with you.” “

Subject’s Analysis:

It’s a popular song because it means no matter where you are you will always have Mexico. The song comes from the Michonteca Indians, a tribe in Central Mexico. I learned it in my grandmother’s neighborhood, when I was a teenager, after going to several funerals of my grandmother’s neighbors.”

Collector’s Analysis:

I think that it is always customary to have music at a funeral. Usually, people will sing to express how they feel about the deceased, and express their sorrow. However the idea here is that you shouldn’t be sorrowful for the deceased. I have heard of that idea at funerals before, but the rationale behind it was always that the deceased had moved on to a better place. The thing behind this is that the funeral party shouldn’t be sad because they will always have Mexico.