Ruckus, Shenanigans, Mischief

This way of classifying personality types comes from the informant and his friend, although they are not sure which one came up with it first. The classification has spread beyond them to their entire friend group as well as others who other friends have exposed them to. The informant relates the method of classification to Bird, Horse, Muffin which can be found in another post in the archive.

“So related to bird horse muffin is another trio that describes people which is Mischief, Ruckus and Shenanigans, and that’s basically how you have fun, and if you want to just bang around and make noise, that’s ruckus, if you kinda want to be sneaky and do bad things and cause drama, that’s mischief, and if you just want specific often rule based fun you’re shenanigans, whereas if you’re ruckus you can’t handle rules, mischief can handle rules a little bit but usually when they want to fuck with it, shenanigans loves rules, loves silly things, and it you can also describe all of world history and interpersonal relations and the way they interact with each other, and the group of friends will interact with each other. based on bird horse muffin what if there was another trio iteration, but those had too much overlaps, whereas no one is all three. i think in combination with bird horse muffin it really explains the way we interact with each other, it really explains all of the drama we’ve had. And yeah.”


The informant often uses these terms of classification when meeting new people or when justifying a friend’s action. He is able to boil down their actions to their classification. It is an easy way to describe different personality types and whether or not they would want to further any relations. The informant would describe himself as shenanigans with a hint of mischief.