Rule of Threes

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is JT.

QB: Alright so what is this superstition you were telling me about?


JT: Well in my family, especially my mom, we all believe that bad things or bad news come in threes. So if someone has something bad happen to them theres sort of an expectation that its going to happen to at least two other people or two other things are going to happen, and that everyone kind of relaxes once that third bad thing comes. And we’ll…like…go pretty far in figuring out what those three are. So if someone gets bad news, like their car is damaged, then it could be that someone else forgot something and then someone else has to chime in with a third bad thing that happened so we have sort of the three and no one has to worry anymore.

Analysis: Like others the rule of three with the students family takes place with bad things. However, this differs as the rule can be applied to ANY negative thing that strikes. It is also interesting how far in depth they will go to make the three negative attributes complete the cycle.