Rumors of a Mexican Village

In the small village from where my parents are from (in rural Zacatecas, Mexico), on the foot of the biggest hill in the area lies a secret, well hidden entrance to a tunnel leading deep inside where it is said to lead to a stolen treasure dating back to the Mexican Revolution. The inside of the hill is so dark not even a lamp helps navigate through it. A river also runs through the inside of the hill which supposedly leads to said treasure. Some people have allegedly ventured inside to try and retrieve it, tying ropes around their waist from the entrance so as to not get lost. No one has been able to find this mysterious treasure. 

This is a very popular tale told around amongst the community from where my parents come from and it tends to jumps back and forth between a simple tale of fiction and a probable rumor depending on who is telling the story.

The way I’ve heard this story be told sounds to me like things parents would tell their children similar to that of a legendary tale of lost treasure, a common theme in children’s stories that circulate around the families of this ranch including my own.