Saci Perere

“Saci Perere is a Brazilian legend… that…it… he is… Sani Perere is a black boy with only one leg, a red cap, and a pipe in his mouth, so he keeps peeping…erm….smoking his pipe and the red hat…the red cap gives him the power of disappearing whenever… ummm… he feels like it or whenever he is a….ummmm… tricky situation. He is a prankster so he is always playing tricks in the country side people of Brazil. Like, he would hide the toys of the kids in the garden, or… not in the garden whatever… or he would make the cake not rise, or he would spoil the eggs… so that’s Saci Perere… so he’s a trickster but he’s not like… he doesn’t really do any bad deed so he is kind of loved by people around the country”

Saci is a fairly popular folkperson throughout Brazil, appearing on products, and television shows alike. Almost as recognizable as Robin Hood. He seems to be partly based in stereotypes around black people within Brazil who has constantly had fairly racist named folk beliefs and names for things. Even some early drawings of Saci Perere feature overblown racist features that one might find in a United States minstrel show.