Saint Longinus

Whenever I lose something in brazil, and you can’t find it, there is this little, sort of prayer that we do, we promise to Saint Longinus that if he brings back, whatever we lost, we are going to jump three times for him. Apparently he likes jumping, I don’t really know. I heard this for the first time from my grandmother when I was around 10 years old and I lost a toy. She actually told me to pray to him and promise that I was going to jump three times if I found my toy. That’s exactly what happened and it became a tradition to me. Nowadays I just try to look for the things I lose. I didn’t really continue with this belief but it’s something that I trusted throughout my childhood.

Daniel is my brother and I grew up my entire life knowing about this belief. I don’t remember doing that when I lost something but I think it’s a nice way to believe that you will find what you’ve lost. For the most part, I just prayed in general that I would find something that I was looking for but I never really jumped three times for Saint Longinus. This belief is famous in Brazil and many people, even adults, still do this. In my opinion, this is more related to religion and faith than any other thing.