Salt and Ice Challenge

The following informant is an 12 year old. In this account he is explaining what the salt and ice challenge is. This is a transcription of our conversation, he is identified as J and I am identified as K:

J: The salt and ice challenge is when you put salt and ice on your hand and you keep rubbing and it burns a lot

K: Did you try it

J: Yeah I tried it with my friends after seeing it on YouTube … it was not really a viral challenge but we heard about it and wanted to try it

K: Wait why would you try it if you knew it would hurt

J: Well I did not think it would actually hurt… and like who could do it the longest

Context: He and his sister took turns telling me stories


This is another challenge where the outcome is known to end in pain, but people still partook in it. I think it builds some sort of camaraderie between the people who tried it because you can say you have done it and others have not. It also allows you to connect with people across the globe who are engaging and posting about the same activities you are trying.