Bros before hoes.

Anthony had little else to comment except for a brief description of the meaning of this phrase. He said simply that it is like choosing your homeboys over your girl, because at the end of the day that is what you have to do.

Anthony’s quote and brief explanation invites a great deal of discussion regarding gender identities and relationships and peer expectations. The phrase itself betrays an almost cavalier attitude and a derogative view of girls and women as little more than “hoes.” The language elevates “bros” or male peers above females, while simultaneously objectifying women and stripping them of all individual identity and character beyond their sexual relationships/ experiences with “bros.” This is revelatory of how many young men may approach women, intimate or love relationships, and their relationships with other males. Close, meaningful relationships with women (not hoes) are not valued as much as tighter bonds with your male peers. It also reflects an emphasis on brotherhood and perhaps even a desire for these bonds not to be weakened by romantic relationships with women that could threaten these important relationships.

This popular saying has been widely commercialized and reproduced in a variety of mediums. Perhaps one of the most current and brilliant reproductions of this saying is the following annotation…

This graphic appears on a t-shirt that is sold widely. This image is from, one of many vendors online and otherwise.