The informant (A) is the daughter of two German immigrants. She was born in Germany, spent time in France, and grew up in the US.

A: So Schültute is this like, big plastic cone-shaped thing that parents give their children on their first day of school..or like first grade and they’d put random stuff like candy and school supplies….just like anything that kids like. I think it’s meant to just make the transition to going to school and the first day like, less scary and it gives you something to look forward to and it makes the first day of school fun and like exciting. On a personal note I went to German school for one year – which was first grade – and my parents gave me one and it was pretty fun. Oh, also they’ll give you this like, backpack… it’s called a “ranzen” and it’s like square shaped and kind of funny looking but mine was like pink and I think it had unicorns on it, it was pretty dope.

Context: This was told to me during a recorded in person conversation.