Shaking your leg will shake out all of your luck

My informant’s parents are from Korea, but she grew up in Los Angeles area. Her parents always told her growing up that shaking your leg (as in restless leg syndrome) is shaking all of your luck away. My informant’s brother shook his leg a lot and my informant’s father would always be conscious of it and force him to stop at a very young age. My informant’s parents were very adamant that my informant and her siblings could not shake their leg. This superstition has been a part of her life, passed down from her parents, for as long as she can remember. This has affected my informant because she always notices when other people’s legs are shaking. I learned from my informant that in Korean culture, money and prosperity comes from the legs, so shaking them will get rid of all of that. I think that this belief reflects the symbolism of the leg in this culture and also, the act of shaking may reflect an imperfection in someone, when the legs should be strong to bring about maximum prosperity.