Show Circle

Main Piece: Show Circles happen just moments before performers go on stage. Depending on the company/team it gets more or less intense. The entire company gets in a tight circle with all the coaches around us for a pep talk. It has to happen always in order to have a good show. My team has to have our arms around each other with one foot in, but I’ve seen some complicated ones that require spinning and a ton of other stuff. Our head coach is in the middle of the circle, with any supporting coaches around us.

Context: The informant is a dancer on an international US dance team called V-Mo. She has been in dance clubs ever since high school. As a dancer, she’s experienced many traditions and rituals that her teams use to get ready and set the mood.

Thoughts: I have seen this before for not only dancers but many performers and athletes as well. What happens in these circles is almost never the same from what I’ve seen but emotions and adrenaline that are elicited from these are unlike any other. I really like this concept because it shows how supportive teams are of each other.