Silly Man Moved Mountains

The 24-year-old informant is originally from Rhode Island, but currently resides in New York, NY. Her parents are both from China, making her a first-generation American Born Chinese. This story was one that she heard as a child and has been engrained in her mind ever since.

“Once there was an old man that desperately wanted to move these mountains that were in front of his house. He thought that they were obstructing his path—and also his family’s. He began digging and digging and digging, and he eventually made his sons and grandsons do the same. Everyone thought he was foolish for trying to do so, but he vowed that his descendants would continue to do this forever. But, the gods heard and admired this man’s perseverance and decided to move the mountains for him. This defied the man’s critics and showed that if you try hard enough, you can accomplish whatever you want.”

This story is a simple one that represents strong work ethic and good intentions. Everyone can take something away from this story and decide to work harder in some aspect of his/her life, whether it’s school, work, family, friendships. Even just good intentions can have a positive effect.