Sister Margrets Ghost

My twenty-two year old undergraduate informant from Massachusetts revealed that several ghosts were believed to haunt the dormitories of a college she once attended.

“Over at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA, there are a few known spirits
haunting various buildings. However, the very first one is said to have
come from Esther House, a building found on the farthest side of the
campus. The Esther House Ghost is rumored to be the spirit of a Nun from
the Sisters of St. Anne named Sister Margaret. She was the House Mom for
all the female students in the first year of the college’s founding in
1946. She passed away in the 1960s and now she looks after all the students
and professions that live and work in that building while she still has fun
with all of them.

Also, Sister Margaret doesn’t seem to like it when students are not being
celibate because when I was a freshman living in that building, I ended up
encountering her at 10 at night when I came back from the restrooms. I
witnessed the “throwing” of my neighbor’s whiteboard, which was stuck on
her door securely. It ended up in the middle of the hallway without any
kind of seen force pulling it off. It made such a loud noise that it got
the attention of that neighbor.”

My informant revealed that she learned of legend from her upperclassman dorm mates. Massachusetts is notorious for the supernatural, hence Salem witch trials. This ghost story serves as entertainment aiding into the appeal of the state. It may attract not just tourist but students. Additionally it is form keeping the supernatural history alive. My informant revealed that she learned of the ghost story from peers after moving on campus