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Jamaican swearing and slang


Ass cloth



Kahniley heard this swear word when he went to Jamaica.  Him and his grandmother were looking for a bus to ride and the bus drivers were drinking and smoking outside their vans.  They would say this phrase to each other but Kahniley didn’t know what it meant.  His grandmother wouldn’t tell him what it meant besides that it was bad so he asked his Jamaican cousin. She explained that it is used as a swear word, to insult people or even just when joking around.

Some people take great offense to this while others say it on a regular basis.  It can translate to the effect of “mother fucker” or “fuck” in American culture.  Some people also translate it as a woman’s bloody tampon, although others disagree with that meaning. Kahniley doesn’t feel like it is as bad as people make it out to be.  However, he wouldn’t use in Jamaica because he’s considered an American there so it would not be appropriate.  He also wouldn’t say it that much in America because it only has context within Jamaica. “Bombaclaat” is also found in a lot of reggae songs, more modern ones though, like Elephant Man and Beenie Man.

I feel like this word has more meaning then just a swear word.  For example, using the word “fuck” in American culture is not considered that bad, but should rather just not be used in certain settings.  For this to be considered really offensive, there has to be an additional interpretation.  Kahniley has the impression that it was worse than saying “you mother fucker”; he said it was more equivalent to calling someone literally a “douche bag”.  Some references said that it is considered so vulgar, that it is banned from being said in certain public areas.  I’m not sure if there is truth behind that claim or even how to investigate it further. I also believe it can be used as an adjective to describe someone.  In one blog it said, “..some bombaclaat kids in our area had nicked a care stereo.”