Sleepover Contracts

When Shula was younger, she and her sister would spend most of the summer at their grandparent’s house in Los Angeles where their younger cousin also lived. The two girls always wanted to spend the night at their cousin’s house instead of at their grandparents’ because they had many rules and they wanted to stay up all night watching TV at their cousin’s house. However, with each night that they would stay at their cousin’s, get no sleep, make lots of noise and lots of mess, it became more difficult to get permission for these sleepovers. Undeterred, the three girls created “Sleepover Contracts” with promises for how good they would be, etc. to be signed by each girl. These were then presented to the grandparents and parents as proof that they deserved to have sleepovers. Usually these contracts were looked at as being “too cute” and were accepted. The girls also used power point presentations and pro v. con lists in their eternal quest for sleepovers.