Smart Pills

The informant began this story with, “So I used to hear this story a lot when I was around six or seven years old from my dad.” The informant’s dad heard this story from his grandfather. When informant’s dad was younger, he would always try to pull pranks on his friends, as his friends would do the same to him. One day, he went up to his grandfather and asked if he had any ideas for the next prank he was going to pull. The informant then said that he great grandfather told her dad, “Robbie, have you ever heard of smart pills?” to which the informant’s dad replied no. The great grandfather went on to explain that “my dad should pick up some rabbit pellets (rabbit poop) and put them in a pill bottle.”  After that, the grandfather suggested to his grandson that he go up to his friends and say, “Hey! Want a smart pill? It’ll make you super smart.” And then hand the friends the pill bottle. The informant told me that she never actually thought her dad gave anyone the rabbit poop but the meaning still stands that people can be gullible despite how apparent rabbit poop is. The informant expressed the humor in telling this story because of the comedy shared between her and her father knowing that her great grandpa suggested this humorous prank. I find this specific piece of folklore funny that an authority figure like a grandpa would suggest partaking in such a gross prank. I wonder if anyone would have fallen for that and wish I could place myself back in time to see. I also wonder if the informant’s father would suggest the same prank to her.