Snow Day Ritual

Nationality: American
Primary Language: English
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Performance Date: 04/26/2024


“If it was snowing outside when to bed as a kid, no matter how much, I would sleep with a spoon under my pillow, put a pair of underwear in the freezer, and sleep with my pajamas inside out. This would increase the chances of a snow day.”


The informant grew up in the midwest, in a state that got snow in the winters. She said that her third grade teacher taught them the ritual after her class came to school while it was snowing. All of her classmates had been hoping for a snow day, and were all complaining that they didn’t get one. Even as an adult, she continues to do it out of the nostalgia, although hasn’t done it this year as she has been in California.


This ritual, which is very common and wide spread, follows three very specific acts in a very specific circumstance (snow). This is a ritual that I heard as a kid in the fourth grade. I know plenty of people who have mentioned this ritual at some point or another. I find this ritual really interesting because it has no logical basis in actually increasing the chance of a snow day. However, it relies on the hope and optimism of young kids, and is easily spread as kids tell their friends with hopes it will increase the chances of a snow day. I find this specific ritual interesting, though, because the informant knows that it will not do anything. Rather, she does it as a way to do something that she did as a kid. I think that this shows the personal nostalgic value the ritual holds, in bringing comfort and memories on snowy nights.