Sorority and Fraternity Flag and Symbol

Each sorority and fraternity has their own flag similarly to how countries have their own flags to distinguish and represent their houses. The design and colors of the flags have been the same ever since the chapters origin which proves how the same design was passed down from pledge class to pledge class over hundreds of years. Each symbol of each sorority and fraternity is unique, like the bald eagle for the United States, as it serves as a representation of the house. The flag is like that of a country it represents the people and what they stand for. It is a symbol of pride. I think the flags are not necessary because one sorority or fraternity is not like a country but rather an organization. The symbols, however, are greatly symbolic because it is an honor to have them. In Medieval times, only the wealthiest class of families could have a symbol to forever lead on their legacy and similarly Greek life has communities that are to be symbolized forever for pledge classes to pass down for more years to hopefully symbolize the forever bond of sisterhood or brotherhood. I think they are a powerful symbol to have.