Sorority Formal Rush- “Slideshow Day”

Slideshow day of formal rush is when the potential new members who are rushing watch a video that the girls in the house have made that show the friendship and values of the house. These videos can be funny, sentimental, or meaningful. In these videos, the rushing girls see clips of the friendships of the girls in the house, the activities they do as a part of the sorority and in their free time, and some ceremonies and activities of the house. The girls see clips from exchanges, invites, date dashes, and pinning ceremonies. Exchanges are essentially parties between just one sorority and fraternity go to a venue together and have a night out just those two houses, a bonding night for the fraternity and sorority. Invites are like high school homecoming. Both sororities and fraternities have them and each member asks a date to have dinner and go to a venue to spend the night together. The dress code is usually formal, very similar to traditional dances. Data dashes are like these invites but much more casual. Usually a goofier theme, a boy or girls asks a date the day of. Date dashes are much more spontaneous compared to invites. Pinning ceremonies are when a boy in a fraternity gives up his pledge pin for his girlfriend to symbolize the importance of their relationship. This day of rush is where the girls who are rushing experience get to see the traditions in video and get to experience the chants and songs of the house once again. My thoughts on Slideshow day of sorority rush is that it shows in more depth the different aspects of the house that make each house unique and special. It is the day girls narrow down their preferences and begin to really select where they want to end up which is exciting.