“There is this idea about soulmates in our religion. I believe it’s that you have 7 soulmates on this planet. Some people say you can meet multiple or even none of them. Which is very sad. Then there’s also reincarnation. You know, people can come down 7 times. If they have a deed they were sent down to do and didn’t, it’s believed that they are reincarnated up to 7 times to make sure they do it. So as you can see, 7 is a special number. It’s a godly number. It refers to the 3 fathers and 4 mothers idea within our religion. 7 days to make the Earth. So yeah, 7 is a very holy number for us.”

The informant said she heard this from her grandmother, and knew of it as just something widely believed in her religion. She expanded upon the idea of 7 being a holy number, as it appears in her religion many times in various ways.

This is a belief shared throughout those in the Jewish religion. Reincarnation is believed by many, as well as the idea of soulmates.

I didn’t know that reincarnation was a widespread belief within the Jewish religion. I also was not aware that 7 was a special number in their culture, but it makes sense with how often the number appears in their religious stories. I think their idea of soulmates is fascinating, and I somewhat believe in the idea of soulmates as well. I also enjoy the idea of reincarnation 7 times so a person can fulfill what they’re meant to do. It’s very poetic.