St Augustine Florida

“We were on a ghost tour in St Augustine Florida, one of the most haunted cities in Florida. I was in 5th grade and my class was taking the tour together in October. After passing a few old houses and stone forts, we approached a especially creepy looking house. The tour guide told us that a long time ago a girl died from yellow fever and her ghost still haunts the house. As we drove past I looked in one of the top windows and there was a dark figure towards the back of the room. I turned around to show all my friends but by the time I looked back the figure was gone. No one else on the tour saw the figure. Personally I believe I saw a ghost in the house. Even though I was in fifth grade there was definitely something in the window.”

St Augustine Florida is one of the oldest cities in the US. It is notorious for hauntings all over the city including a hunted jail, cemetery, hospital, and countless houses. Ghost tours are very popular in the city and are known to have sightings such as this every now and then.

Personally I find it hard to tell how truthful this story actually is. Since the town is notorious for hauntings and this isn’t the first time a tour, or the house, has had an event such as this, it makes a convincing case that my informant actually did see a ghost or figure in the window. However, my informant was also ten years old, fairly scared, and perhaps was expecting to see a ghost. In this situation its easy to see how a shadow or change in lighting could appear to be a figure and explain why it was gone when he looked back. It is hard to put a definite decision on what my informant saw.