Informant: “In high school for our senior prank–we actually weren’t supposed to have a senior prank at all because the seniors the year before really fucked it up, really bad, they like really messed up our library–so, we did it anyway, and we hired a male stripper to come to the school during lunch time, into the cafeteria. The dean was very unhappy–it was so funny. ”

Friend: “How did high school kids coordinate a male stripper?”

Informant: “Well, this one group of kids called the male stripper, and it’s kind of really easy to get into our school, in general. Like if somebody wanted to kill a student, this would be a really good school to do it. *Laughs* It’s true.

Friend: “My cousin hired three male strippers for my grandma’s ninetieth birthday. She almost died.” *mad laughter from everyone*


Pranks involving strippers in inappropriate places are funny. People are amused by juxtapositions of the seemingly vulgar and the seemingly dear.