Suitcases and Hats on a Bed

“Suitcases and hats cannot be put on your bed, otherwise it is bad luck.”

Kristi claims she does not know why her mother told her this superstition, or why she follows it. She claims that once she disobeyed her mother and put a hat on her bed, and then the next day she had bad luck and failed a test. Although not particularly superstitious, she says that she now thinks it is best to follow her mother’s advice and adhere to her superstitions.

This superstition probably came about long ago when head lice or bed bugs were common. Putting traveling gear or hats on your bed would dirty your bed and would cause it to potentially become infested. In 1994’s “Hats And The Cowboys Who Wear Them,” Bender claims that evil spirits are in the head, and so putting anything that you wear on your head on your bed would cause these evil spirits to release and wreak havoc on your life.