Super Bowl appetizer

Text: The informant says she needs to have buffalo chicken dip before every Super Bowl game to ensure the team she wants to win ends up winning.

Context: The informant’s relationship to this piece is original to know that her team will win. She recognizes that it is her comfort food and says it makes her confident in the team. She said it began with the 2012 Super Bowl when Beyonce performed for the first time. The informant said that was the first game she was able to sit down and watch from beginning to end. She connected the buffalo chicken dip to this because that was the only thing that changed compared to the years prior in order to come out with a win. She said this only works for Super Bowls and not any other games. She interprets this as her “superpower” and truly believes that it works. She mentioned that she started eating the buffalo chicken dip really late into one Super Bowl her team was losing so when she ate it, they ended up winning.

Interpretation: The way I interpret this ritual is that the informant wants the reassurance that her team will win to reduce being anxious during the game. Especially because the time where she did not eat the buffalo chicken dip and her team started losing, this gave her more of a way to believe her ritual is true. I find it interesting that this only works for Super Bowls and not any other game.