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48 Hours on Chinese new year

I mean well in Chinese New Year my parents would watch 48 hours’ worth of the same thing they showed live the year before, like you don’t understand it was the same damn thing.   Then we get invited by our friends to the same restaurant.  And okay so this comes from the fact that like for Chinese New Year’s, China every year puts on this 48-hour show, kinda with dances, and pop artists, and traditional artists, and old comedians and actors who’ve been doing it for their entire lives, it’s pretty entertaining if you ask me, but no way have I watched all 48 hours! They have new people every year, and then like the same people doing the same acts, as well. They invite famous and rich people. I think it’s like a nostalgic thing; my parents’ friends are pretty fob, so they at least watch some of it. It’s a bigger deal in the motherland, so I kinda feel it makes them feel pretty at home and close to the culture that they left behind I guess?

Many parts of other people’s folklore include looking back at the place they were born, since many times people have moved to other countries in order to have a brighter future. Therefore being able to have little traditions or celebrations that make one feel connected to ones home country are very important to many cultures.