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Abominable Snow Man

“The abominable snow man he um lives in the Himalayas.  I heard this story from mother and the creature is a carnivore and eats humans. I do not actually believe in the abominable snow man.  The snow man comes and attacks people if you come in its territory.  Abominable snow men rule three mountains a piece.  They are white, hairy, bigger than life, 10feet, like a linebacker.”
Although Karen does not believe in the abominable snow man she still knows that the story scares little children.  She heard this story from her mother when she was little.  She is not sure what the significance of the story is, other than to serve the purpose as a ghost story.

This story seems fairly general since it is about a giant white snow creature living in the mountains.  Perhaps its original purpose was to warm people to not wander into the mountains, there are probably wild animals there.