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Knock-Knock Anti-Joke

“There’s this stupid knock-knock joke that my friend always did to me, and I kind of picked up on it and I do it all the time now. It just goes like this:”


Him: Okay lemme tell you this knock-knock joke.


Me: Okay, go for it.


Him: No but you have to start it.


Me: *looks puzzled* Wait what?


Him: Yeah you just start the joke!


Me: Uhhhh….. okay then, knock-knock?


Him: Who’s there?


Me: …………


*Awkward-but-hilarious silence ensues*


“So yeah that’s pretty much it, it’s kind of an anti-joke. I honestly don’t know why it’s so hilarious to me but it just is. I guess because it just makes the other person so confused and uncomfortable when they suddenly realize that the joke makes no sense whatsoever.”

This one is from one of my friends who’s lived in California his whole life and has pretty much been a joke-teller for all of his life. This is one of my personal favorites of his jokes, so I really wanted to include it. He said that he just learned it from one of his friends in elementary school, and it’s been a staple of his for years. Additionally, he said that the joke always entertains him and brings some joy to the atmosphere because of the confused reactions he gets.