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The informant is a caucasian male. His father was born in Denmark, but was raised in America. He was raised in Virginia, but attended high school in Pasadena, CA. The informant later lived in Hawaii for 8 years, Northern California for 7 years, and now resides in Southern California again. He is a professor, teaching molecular biology to pharmacy students. He was brought up episcopalian but is no agnostic. The informant is divorced with one child.

The informant first learned this proverb while playing with his tennis partners in his 50s. It connotes that even a player of a certain level of abilities, average or below, will upon occasion hit a fabulous shot, on the level of a professional such as Federer. He has only heard it among his tennis players. The proverb can be shortened to “blind squirrel”, used as an epithet or label. It is usually used jokingly, but he says that there is still an underlying layer of condescension and derision.

Text: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Analysis: Most proverbs offer advice to the recipient. This proverb functions differently. It has no moral for a person to take, but rather seems to function mainly for the benefit of the person who says it. It is used as a stress reliever for the benefit of the speaker. While there is probably a joking aspect to the proverb, but it stems greatly from jealousy. The player who says it feels jealous that one of their partners has made a fabulous shot and expresses, and thus releases, these feelings through the use of this proverb, channeling their frustration into semi-humor. That the more negative aspect of this proverb is of greatest importance is indicated by the shortening, which leaves out the more positive aspect of “finding a nut” and only focuses on the negative “blind squirrel”.