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Cymbal Visuals

I’m a part of the Trojan Marching Band, and the TMB has a lot of traditions… I’m a cymbal in the drum line, where we do a fair amount of visuals. cymbal visuals are something that lots of schools do, a few examples are:

Table top: You flip your cymbal off of your hand where you catch it with the cymbal facing up, like a table.

Bucket Drop: Starting from the table top position and you flip the cymbal down, then flip it back up. So, its kind of like sticking your hand into a bucket.

Two-Handed Bucket Drop: Same as above except you have one hand go higher and the other go lower so that they don’t bang into each other.

Bishop: This one is famous in competitive DCI (Drum Corps International). You take your cymbal, and catch it on the rim like this in the air. And, you stick it by the strap of the other cymbal, so it kind of looks like your holding a gun.

Context: Informant is part of USC Trojan Marching Band. 

Thoughts: These visuals were performed live over a zoom session. The table top, bucket drop, and two-handed bucket drop seem to derive from the same base visual which starts from the table top position. The bucket drop variants involved good hand-eye coordination as the cymbals swing around the player’s wrists via the attached strap.