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Ducks and Heaven


A man and his friend die and go to heaven. When they go to the holy gates, they are told they can do whatever they please, but to not step on any of the ducks. Upon entering heaven, they are greeted by the sight of several ducks and almost immediately, the mans friend steps on one. As a consequence of this, an angel comes with one of the ugliest women the two friends have ever seen and handcuffs her to the man who stepped on the ducks.

Some time passes by and the man does whatever he pleases, being sure to avoid stepping on the ducks now considering what happened to his friend. Then suddenly, the man is approached by an angel who is with the most beautiful women he has ever seen and the angel handcuffs her to him. He asks, “what did I do to be handcuffed next to you” ? She replies, “I don’t know what you did, but I stepped on the ducks”…

Relationship to Subject:

The subject said they learned this story from their ex partner and claimed that this was the first story type joke they heard so they still remember it. It was told in the format of a story. The subject enjoyed the joke because of the shock factor it envoked and I had a similar appreciation for the fact that the ending was not expected.


The joke was enjoyable because of the shocking ending as well as the fact that it seems to equalize both sexes. One group begins judging, but that same group ends the story being judged, meaning there is a little bit for everybody.