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Hard work pays off

Context & Background:

Another proverb used a lot in Indian families. Sets the values of the household and teaches kids good lessons from a young age. Translated from Hindi to English.  Informant – collector’s father. 

Performance: (in person)

Proverb: “Mehnat Karne Walo Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti”


Mehnat: Hard work

Karne: to do

Walo: person 

Ki: they

Kabhi: never

Haar: defeat

Nahi: not

Hoti: happen 

Translation: If you work hard, you will never lose 

Explanation: The same as the translation, the proverb compels that if you work hard, nothing, not even fate can stop you from winning. Or that fate will conspire to make you win if you work hard enough.    


I believe that one of the top Indian values is working hard. This comes from historical times, as India was under British rule for almost 200 years before the revolution that gave India independence. The revolution ended in 1947, which is not too long ago. The core message in the revolution was anti-violence, promoted by Mahatma Gandhi, but also to keep working hard. I believe that the emphasis of this proverb comes from the revolutionary sentiment and that’s why it has a special place in Indians’ hearts. It also connects well with what a lot of Indian parents want, for their child to do well at school and ultimately become successful.