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Santeria Love Spell

To make someone fall in love with you, you take a drawing of a saint such as St. Gabriel or the holy death, a garment from the person you want to love you, and a picture of them. You write that person’s name vertically on the photograph then pin all three items together with a safety pin to a candle. Then you layer the outside of the candle with honey or some kind of wax and put it inside a glass jar. You burn the candle for seven days. If the candle makes the inside of the glass turn black, it means that person’s heart belongs to someone else, but if it’s clear at the end of 7 days, that means the spell worked and you just have to wait.


Trying to make love manifest from magic is interesting. The spell evokes the power of god through a saint, the use of something sweet that can be used to “catch” things, ie: honey, and a garment of the person, which hints at the significance and power in folk magic associated with physical objects used by a specific person. However, once all of the preparation is done, this spell depends on chance on how the candle flame affects the jar, which is similar to love; you can’t force it. It’s up to chance and depends on how the feelings of respective individuals develop.