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Santo Toribio Romo



Nationality- Mexico

Primary Language- Spanish

Occupation- Construction Worker

Residence- Los Angeles, CA

Date of Performance- 3/17/16

Santo toribio romo

Before i had crossed the border from Mexico to the United States, I did a lot of preparation and praying for the trip. I also talked to a lot of my friends about relatives that they know who have gone and made it there safely. One of my friends whose name was Rosalba told me a story about the Santo Toribio Romo. Her husband had traveled to the United States with another friend and his son. They traveled day and night only stopping to sleep and the occasional rest. One day, they ended up getting lost and ran out of food and water for two days. They kept marching on but had no idea where to go. The father then said he saw an oasis and a man who looked like a priest standing next to it telling them to come this way. The man was obviously hallucinating since it was in the middle of the desert. He grabbed his son and hoped it was the way to go.  When he went towards the oasis direction, they found out it was the right way to go and made it to the United States. When he arrived and settled down, he called his wife and told her what he saw. She said that it was because she prayed for Santo Toribio Romo to guide them and he was the one who appeared to them. He thanked her for her prayers and said he will work till he can afford to send her safely to the United States. This story gave me hope because if things turned out bad, I can have my family pray for me and hope would keep me alive during my trip.

Francisco is from Mexico and has personally heard this story from one of his friends. His friend had heard the story directly from a man who experienced a legend himself. He liked the story she told him because it gave him hope to keep pushing on his journey to America. Opportunities were thin in Mexico so he did not really have another choice but to cross the border so having his faith lay in a priest made him feel safer about the crossing. Santo Toribio Romo lays on his wall in his living room because even to this day he treasures the faith he received from the saint. It was at a time when crossing the border was at its high so a lot of people in his family or just his friends used the saint to guide them on their journey.

When Francisco told me the story, it made him remember how tough it was to cross the border and how grateful he is to be here. His faith was very high because he later met the man who crossed and he confirmed that it was true. Francisco’s cross was not as vigorous as his but it was still difficult. The story is very uplifting so hearing it whenever wherever is suitable.

I believe this story is very interesting. Santo Toribio Romo was originally a priest from Jalisco, Mexico who died during a Christian uprising in 1928. To many of the Mexicans, after his death, many can recall seeing him on their journey to cross to the United States recognizing him as a patron of migrants. Many come to United States in search of miracles and put their lives in the hands of a saint. They have to overcome countless obstacles such as more patrols, night vision, and armed guards who shoot to kill, not to mention the dangerous environment they have to get through with limited supplies. Hundreds die each year attempting to cross with their faith in the saint and hundreds more continue to cross with the same faith despite the many deaths that have occurred. Francisco is one of the ones who made it with the faith placed in Santo Toribio Romo. The courage instilled upon Francisco was enough to get him to take the risk and make it to the United States. Many of the Mexican people have very little to count on yet end up having countless hope. It is because of folklore like this, legends and saints that allow people to keep on going and obtain a better life for themselves. Francisco worships the saint and lets his son know about his journey and the saint that helped him get there because he wants his son to know the struggle he had to go through and to appreciate how good he has it.  This legend is very strongly exchanged within the citizens of mexico and those who hear the stories of the people who crossed successfully.