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Robin Hood – Legend/Tale

Context: The informant, AQ, shares their experience with hearing the legend of Robin Hood and how it has impacted them personally and how it has helped them practice their Islamic beliefs.

Text: Robin Hood – Legend/Tale

Interview: The one legend that I can think of growing up is the legend of Robin Hood and what he did for the people of his community and what he stood for. From what I can remember, the legend was told to me in elementary and it consisted of an archer who fought against the wrongdoings of wealthy people by stealing from them and giving back to the less fortunate. Despite my little knowledge of the legend, I did take a lot from the story growing up as I was also less fortunate compared to others. Hearing how Robin Hood dedicated himself to giving back to those who didn’t have much, I learned how to be appreciative of what I did have and to give back when I had the chance. The legend inspired me to develop my cultural identity and practice what I learned by being consistent with what I wanted to do to help others and to spread the word about why giving back is necessary and helpful to not only the individual but the also community. Along with practicing zakat and sadaqa, Islamic practices that remind one to always give back to the less fortunate.

Analysis: The informant, AQ, shares their connection with the story of Robin Hood and how the story has impacted them to do better for their community and to spread the awareness of giving back to others. AQ took the story of Robin Hood and put it into practice, helping develop and become closer to zakat “Obligatory charity” and sadaqa “voluntary charity.” This relates closely to the beliefs of Ethiopian culture that Dignity matters more than wealth. The story of Robin Hood has helped AQ get closer to cultural practices and has pushed him one step closer to a connection with Islamic teachings.