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Mexican Secret Language: “EFE” Language

“Hofo Lafa Cofo Mofo Efe Stafas. Mufuy Bifi Efen.”

Translates to “Hola como estas. Muy bien.”

The informant states that growing up, her cousins began to talk to her in this coded language. Her cousins then taught it to her and explained the rules of how to use it to her. She noted that the more you practice it, the easier it is to do. She also noted that she was able to use it on those who did not know the language but that her parents had been taught it as kids too so she could not use it on them. Additionally, she noted that other kids wanted to learn it but you are not supposed to teach the rule, but rather the other people must learn it by trying to decode it themselves. Lastly, she noted that the language is spoken at a fast pace almost to add to its secretiveness. 

This is a form of folk speech and is pretty rare to hear but well-known in Mexico overall. The folk speech is very similar to pig Latin but a little less complicated. This language is interesting to see in the sense that it is not simply something attributed to children. Oftentimes, those who are older will use it around children to keep their conversations discreet and the children will use it believing that they are secretive. Additionally, the language seems to be something you develop as you are able to use it more frequently and you speak it faster the better you know it. Thus there is a difference between how people say it and how certain people are able to speak it better.