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The Rabbit and the Turtle – Tale

Context: “Slow and steady wins the race.” The informant, LD, shares their knowledge of the Rabbit and the Turtle and what it means to them and their Vietnamese culture.

Interview: Out of the many folk tales and fables that were told to me growing up, the story, told to me by my mother, about a turtle beating a hare in a race stuck with me in many ways. The most common moral of the story instilled within us was persistence; the turtle knew that it would be slower than the hare but it never gave up and in the end, its hard work overshadowed the hare’s natural ability. However, as I’ve grown older, the story applied to my life in another way: contentment. We all move at our own pace, and we should be okay with that. Along with what I learned on my own, I was also able to compare it to my culture and what my parents have taught me about my Vietnamese background, valuing harmony, and how to place collective well-being over individual achievement and competition. If we stop comparing our lives and achievements to other people, our focus on our journey will ultimately make us more successful in the end.

Analysis: The informant LD shares their relationship to the tale of the Rabbit and the Turtle and connects it with their life and how it has shaped them and their beliefs. The interview dives into the ideas of resilience and adaptability, showing that growth played a major role in their life connecting and building a stronger understanding of what the deeper meaning of the story had. The informant grew with the story by taking the story and developing many personal teachings that relate to their everyday life, helping them value their progression as a person more fulfilling because the barrier of envy and comparison is no longer in the way. As for cultural teachings, LD took the story and connected what he learned to the values of the Vietnamese culture, learning how to practice harmony, being apart of a whole rather than singling themselves out for one’s benefit, (i.e. being humble).