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Dog Makapiapias


         If you ever need some insight or intuitive advice from the spirits, add dog makapiapias to your own.

The explanation for this is basically that when the kahunas need to contact the spirit world they collect the makapiapia (in English people call this “eye boogers”?) from the dogs’ eyes and cover their own eyes with it to communicate with the spirits because dogs are known to have that kind of “sixth sense.”


How did you come across this folklore: “I was told by Hawaiiana teacher in school.”

Other information: “I think people in Hawaii call this an old wives tale… but I’m not sure whether this is actually practiced…”

This is a folk belief that is commonly known in Hawaii, and as absurd as it is to put “eye boogers” from a dog onto your own, it makes sense taking into consideration the ideas behind magic (especially contagious magic). Because a dog’s senses are sharper than a person’s, taking something from a dog and adding to oneself opens the possibility of inheriting that property of sharpened senses.