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Que Fresa!


PC is my roommate at USC. Her mother is Spanish and her father is Mexican. They both immigrated to the United States when they were young adults and work to incorporate both cultures in addition to American culture. She grew up in the suburbs of Miami and now lives in Dallas, Texas. 


PC: Growing up in the suburbs my whole life I feel like I always walked the line between being Latina and being white washed. And since my mom is Spanish I was different than my cousins in Mexico too. So I would always go visit my family in Mexico and they would always say “Que fresa!” whenever I did something they considered more American or stuck up.

DO (Interviewer): I know that in English that translates to “what strawberry”, could you explain that a little bit more?

PC: Yeah so basically it’s like a term used to describe kids who were like richer Hispanic kids who have a certain personality. My family uses it as a joke but sometimes it’s used as an insult that basically means spoiled rich girls. 

DO: Interesting. I know that your parents are both Mexican and Spanish, is it more prevalent to use in one culture over another or is it used pretty commonly in both?

PC: I think I’ve heard it more used by my dad’s family. It might be just a common term for Hispanic people but I think it’s more of Mexican slang. It’s sort of like the equivalent to people’s ideas of a valley girl. So saying “like” a lot, mixing spanish and english, when things are said more like a question than a statement. Things like that. 


This metaphor is commonly used in Mexican culture and serves as a separator of social status. This phrase is used by lower to middle-class individuals to poke fun at the wealthier class. Oftentimes in society, it is those of the wealthier class that may be making fun of those who don’t have the same social status, so through this term, we see the reversal of that. The direct translation may not make sense to someone, not in this culture so this phrase shows the complexity of lore not in our native languages and cultures. To outsiders looking in it may make no sense, but to those in this culture, it is a common term.  

Festival – Oxnard, California

“Strawberry Festival”

Ryan Webb is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. He grew up and spent eighteen years of his life in the small farming community of Somis, California. Somis is in geographic proximity to Oxnard, the city wherein the Strawberry Festival takes place.

Ryan’s grandmother first took him to the Strawberry Festival at the young age of seven. He says that his grandmother has been going to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard County, California for years. He says the Strawberry Festival is an important part of the Oxnard resident’s life. He claims that agricultural production in areas such as strawberry harvesting is important to Oxnard, California and is still largely a part of the economic lives of the citizens though it used to be more attached with the social and career aspects of people’s lives. He says, “It is important to keep the tradition of the Strawberry festival going because it is a way of honoring the agricultural base of the city and showcasing the expertise of the locals in a fun environment that stimulates community collectivity and exchange.”

The Strawberry Festival occurs once every year in the town of Oxnard, California. It is usually celebrated in mid-May. According to Ryan it will be held this year on May 19th, 2007. As one might suspect, the focus of this festival is honoring the strawberry harvesting that occurs in this town, therefore most of the activities participated in and food consumed at the festival is strawberry themed. For example, there are all sorts of strawberry delicatessens such as barbecued strawberries, strawberry cakes and strawberry flavored ice cream. In addition to fine strawberry cuisine, the festival also features a large variety of strawberry themed carnival rides. According to Ryan, every year the citizens of Oxnard push the limit and find new and innovative ways to celebrate the importance of the strawberry in Oxnard county citizen’s lives.

Festival – Oxnard, California

“The Strawberry Festival in Oxnard, CA is a way for people to celebrate the agricultural heritage of the area.  Strawberries are one the main produce products grown in Oxnard, and every year the festival draws thousands of people to celebrate the success of the fruit.  The money raised by the festival is then donated to several Southern California charities.  At the festival, there are dozens of food booths with everything from strawberry pizza to strawberry beer.  Also, there are arts and crafts for kids to play with, carnival rides, and strawberry themed decorations for homes and gardens.  In fact, I think that the Strawberry Festival here has actually become one of the most recognized and popular festivals in the nation.”

Since my dad lives in Oxnard, the Strawberry Festival is an important celebration because it involves a lot of his community.  Many neighbors have booths, and all of the families in our community go to the festival to support those working.  The festival is held in May, when the strawberries are ripe and the weather is usually very sunny.  By holding the festival during this time period, it is able to attract thousands of visitors over the course of the weekend.  My dad said that during the Strawberry Festival, Oxnard is especially crowded but it is fun because there is a more lively mood in town.  The people of the community come together more than ever to make sure the festival is a success, and to enjoy the delicious strawberry treats available.

I think that part of the reason my dad enjoys the festival so much is because he feels proud that the city he lives in is able to put on such a great celebration.  The strawberries in Oxnard are some of the best around, and the variety of uses for strawberries at the festival is amazing.  As a result, the Strawberry Festival is widely-known, not only in California but nation-wide.  It makes sense that hosting a festival that is so renowned would instill a sense of pride and excitement in residents of Oxnard.  Although my dad does not host a booth, he goes to the Strawberry festival every year, and always encourages the rest of my family to come.  He likes going with the family because it is a fun activity to share with each other, and because so many people bring their families with them to the festival, too.  In our family, it has become a tradition that is a pre-cursor to the Fourth of July, since it is the first family gathering of the summer.

I think that the Strawberry Festival is especially interesting because it unites people of various ethnic and economic backgrounds together to celebrate the deliciousness of strawberries.  The local people that come to the festival range from farmers that work in the strawberry fields to families that live in oceanfront communities by the beach.  The mix of culture at the festival is a special occurrence, and I think it helps bridge the gap between the differing groups in the Oxnard/Ventura area by creating a common festival for everyone to celebrate.

Annotation: For more information about the Oxnard Strawberry Festival, you can contact:

Bonnie Weigel – Festival Manager.  California Strawberry Festival

1661 Pacific Avenue #15

Oxnard, CA 93033

(805) 385-4739

Fax (805) 385-4729

Toll Free Information: 1-888-288-9242