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USC Knights Protection

The informant, a part of a special group on campus, helps protect and look after tradition and school spirit, particularly among the active student body. Once a year during the week in which the USC Trojan face off in football against the UCLA Bruins, the informants group will camp out and live on campus in rotations in order to protect Tommy Trojan, Traveler the Horse, Tirebiter, among other statues on and around campus. It is thought that if this does not happen, UCLA will dishonor our school and the rivalry by messing with the USC campus and students. This informant has participated in the exchanging of rivalry customs for the past four years and says there are often many fun and competitive actions between the two schools that commence throughout the week each year. Informant has heard many stories about past years when the statues were not protected well and UCLA students have defaced and messed up Tommy Trojan or Traveler the Horse.

Context – Every year during rivalry week, the Trojan Knights and the Helenes watch over the wrapped statues and figures of USC. This is done to make sure UCLA(“FUCLA”) does not do anything to mess with campus property or the statues of the University of Southern California figures. 

Analysis – This both serves as a fun activity for the students involved in the spirit leading groups but also as a way to invoke and celebrate the school spirit of two different schools. This also creates a superstition or lesson of protecting your “sovereign” against enemy forces especially a rival team such as the UCLA Bruins.