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The Ghost day: Mid July


“In the ghost day, you need to burn paper to relatives who had passed away. And you should better now go out alone during the night of the ghost day. Those whose yang qi are not strong enough should wear amulets to protect themselves and not look at the burning paper. “


Mr. B is my friend in China. This ghost day is a Chinese traditional festival that memorates the dead in one’s family. He told me that most of this are his own personal experience in the ghost day.

analysis: The ghost day is a day when normal time is being cut off and the memories, tombstones, and many more things about the ghost and the dead have been brought forth. To analysis the ghost day, or ghost festival, is to analysis these things that represent this day.

These things include notions like Yin qi and Yang qi, which is 阴气 and 阳气 in Chinese. Qi, or 气 is a notion in Chinese philosophy and medicine that represents vital energy. The more yang qi one has, the more likely one is to defend against ghost. Ghosts on ther other hand, is the representation of yin qi. However, the majority of qi in women’s body should be yin qi, in Chinese medicine. Thus it well explains why majority of the ghost figures in East Asia are women. Man, who are representation of yang qi, rarely become ghosts.

However, there are situations that even man would have too much yin qi. These type of man would be characterized as girly and inwarded. As Mr. B said they need to protect themselves by wearing amultes or not looking at the burning paper. This is a folk belief of the ghost day that a superstition conversion that reverse the effect of too much ying qi.

Burning paper to ancestry is a ritual that is performed in Ghost day. How it’s done varys across region, but one similar notion is that these paper are 绸缎, or chou duan, that serves as cloth to make new clothes. Burning these paper, along with other things like fake money to the dead relatives, is a type of consolation one might be able to seek in days without their apparence.