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Description: A youtube channel that shows videos of someone playing with a woman’s eyes while they sleep, the video shows only the hand so the person behind the videos is unknown. Background: The informant learned about this from Reddit. Transcript: BD: It’s gross and extremely creepy but to me extremely fascinating because it was on… Continue Reading »

3:00 AM Challenge

Instructor: Can you guys think of any legends or ghost stories that you learned at home or from friends? (There were multiple responses from varying students, however this post focuses on a single student’s response)   Daisy*: “Does the 3 AM challenge count?” Instructor: “well, that depends. What is the 3 AM challenge?” Daisy*:  “It’s… Continue Reading »

MLG Remixes

The informant is a 19-year old college student.   BW: An MLG Remix is hard to explain.. It’s like,, making fun of the culture of like middle schoolers on Xbox Live, and everything around that. There are these gaming channels on Youtube that celebrate the highlights in a game of Call of Duty or Battlefield… Continue Reading »

And his name is John Cena

Background John Cena is a well-known WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor. In 2012, a prank call aired on a local radio station (“Z morning Zoo”) where the DJs repeatedly played a sound clip advertising John Cena’s wrestling career to a wife who was fed up with her husband’s obsession with WWE wrestling. Two years later… Continue Reading »