The Actor With the Trashed House

Main Story: There’s another great story like that about an out-of-work actor who comes home and he finds the door off the hinges and inside the place is trashed. The pots are smashed. The couch has been torn apart. Just trashed. And he sees his wife cowering in the corner and crying. And he says, “Oh my God! What happened are you okay?” And she says, “He just went crazy. He busted in here and destroyed everything. I thought he was going to kill me.” And the actor says, “Who? Who did this? I’m going to find them and I’m going to kill them.” And the wife says, “It was Ted, your agent.” And the actor suddenly brightens up and says, “My agent was here?”

Background Information: Glen Steele is my step dad. Glen was an actor for many years.

Context of the Performance: The story was performed in Glen’s house.

My Thoughts on the Piece: Glen tells really great stories and even though he doesn’t act much any more it’s clear that telling these stories makes him feel connected to that part of his life. It’s amazing to me how folklore can do that.