The Atoms Family


CONTEXT: J is a teacher and she uses this song to teach atoms to her students about atoms.

What is the song?

It’s a song about atoms that riffs off of the Adams Family theme song. 

How does the song go?


“They are so small 

*clap clap*

They’re round like a ball

*clap clap*

They make up the air, they’re everywhere

Can’t see them at all

*clap clap*

They’re tiny and they’re teeny

Much smaller than a beanie

They never can be seenie

The Atoms Family!


Together they make gasses

And liquid like Molasses 

And all the solid masses

The Atoms Family!


Neutrons can be found

Where protons hang around

Electrons they surround

The Atoms Family


Where did you first hear this song?

I think it was when I was teaching chemistry at South Pasadena, and I needed something to help kids remember atoms. 

Where did you hear it from?

I just googled it!

How did it resonate with the kids?

They thought it was the funniest thing. It made them laugh, so they liked it. 

What’s it’s purpose?

Its purpose is to teach kids about atoms.

Is there a specific age group?

Nope. Whenever you want to teach your kids about atoms, that’s a great song. 


My informant, J, is my mom, and she uses this song to teach atoms to her students. I was once one of her students, and she taught me this song when I was in elementary school. The catchy tune made it a lot easier for me to learn about atoms. By turning the information into a fun song, students are more motivated to learn, and will continue to learn when the song is stuck in their heads or they sing it with peers.