The Bunny Man Bridge-Virginia







“In 1970, there was a guy who was either in prison or in some kind of asylum. They’re being transported on a bus over the bridge, and one prisoner dressed in a bunny costume escaped, because the bus crashed. The bridge was covered in rabbit carcasses and strung up half-eaten bunnies, after the man escaped the crash. He would allegedly kill teenagers who went on the bridge , hacking them to death with a ¬†hatchet. It’s a tradition to go onto the bridge to take pictures and find the bunny man. His hatchet is in a local museum.”

-Savannah Hemmig, performed during Screenwriting class.

Hemmig’s sister told her this story when she was a preteen. Hemmig feels connected to the story because it reminds her of home, a funny coming of age tradition not unlike children who pay Bloody Mary.