The Dog With The Red Eyes

“My seventh grade teacher grew up in the American Virgin Islands… you know… basically they are just these small islands… anyways. So, his bedroom window overlooked this cemetery… One night he heard howling, and got out of bed to look outside of his window. He lived near a lighthouse, and that night the light was revolving around. When he looked outside, the light revolved over the cemetery and this dog with red eyes appeared and just stood there staring straight at him. Then, the light came back over the cemetery, shone over the dog, and when the light was gone, so was the dog.”

This story was from a friend who’s seventh grade teacher had a lot of different ghost stories and he would tell them to her class every so often. My friend genuinely believes the story to be 100% true. She doesn’t always necessarily believe ghost stories to be true but the ones that she was told by his particular teacher really resonated with her and she could just tell that he was being completely serious when he told the story. 

I personally believe the story as well. I believe ghosts are real and that even animals can be ghosts sometimes. This one was actually super creepy to me, even though as my friend was talking I could see where the story was going to go, especially with the lighthouse detail. I recorded my friend telling me this story in order to be able to give an accurate story back to the audience, and I heard myself say, “I just got chills,” after my friend finished the story. It truly was scary to me. I cannot imagine being a little boy that had to live right above a cemetery, let alone continue to have to live there after this incident occurred. This was the only story that my friend could really gather from her memory, but I can only imagine the other stories he told her class! Living above a cemetery has to be incredibly scary.