The Doll (Scary Story)

  1. “So this girl was playing outside and she found a doll and the doll was really cute, so she took it home. Her mom said to put it back because it wasn’t hers and probably someone lost it. But she didn’t. And so she-(another listener poked her at this point) No. -and so she put her and so she slept and she put the doll on the floor in her room. Yeah before she went to bed. Then she started hearing weird noises. (Other listeners make weird noises.) And she thought it was coming from the doll, so she put it at the bottom of the stairs, and she went back to bed. After about 5 minutes, she heard the noises again, so she checked outside to see if it was the doll. And the doll was halfway up the stairs. And then she moved it back down to the bottom of the stairs and went back to bed. And about after an hour she heard the weird noises again. And then so she checked to see if it was the doll again. This time the doll was at the top of the stairs. (Inflating balloon noises from listeners.)  K, and so she went back she moved it back to the bottom of the stairs and she went back to bed. Then after about 2 hours, she heard the noises again. This time she was sure it was the doll. And so she opened the door and the doll was at her feet. Cue screaming noises…” Me: Is that the end? “No, do you get it? The doll killed her? Yeah. It was possessed.” Collected from a 10-year-old girl who heard from a male classmate in the fourth grade at her private Catholic school.